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Non-Profit Organizations

Serving You Well, So You Can Serve Others

Whether your organization is a foundation or a social service, you have a strong interest in serving the communities where you live, work and play.  Our non profit team considers it a true honor to partner with many Southern California non profit organizations.  Our experience gives us a unique perspective of various causes and missions and we know first-hand, each mission is just as unique as the compliance and accounting issues they face.

Today, competition for charitable donations is at an all-time high.  Tight budgets combined with fewer volunteers have most nonprofits struggling to keep up with the continually increasing red tape and bureaucracy of securing public and private funding.  At Tipping & Company, we understand these challenges and can help you make the most of every dollar, having served on numerous boards of directors.  We offer continuity of service and support to nonprofits with everything from minimizing inefficiencies — to staying up-to-date on changing regulations.  Strong financial management gives nonprofit organization the freedom to fulfill your mission – and the fulfillment of our mission should not be derailed by regulations.

We currently provide nonprofits in the following areas:

Cultural Arts

Medical Research

Environmental Non-Profits

Private Foundations

Veteran’s organizations

Faith-based Charities

Educational Organizations

Services to non profit industries:


Operational reviews of organizations, focused on internal controls and proper accounting procedures

Bookkeeping & Accounting/CFO Services

Most non-profits cannot afford the luxury of having a CFO on staff, so we can provide this service on an hourly basis as needed

QuickBooks Consulting

Single Audits

Tax Compliance